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The Recruiting Mistake Made by 99% of Companies

Recruiting is an art that few have mastered. At AGI, we work with many companies to create systems for Human Capital Management—for each company a customized strategic system for managing employees through every stage of their employment, from recruiting to retention. When we evaluate a company’s employee processes, one of the first things we look…

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Effective Sales Management Starts with Hiring

At Activate Group, we have helped hundreds of companies with sales force management and sales candidate screening and hiring. The goal is always to bring the right people into the right positions. Having an effective process is important for all areas of the company, but none more important than the sales team. After all, it’s…

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CEO Impact on Training and Consulting Projects

Often we are asked, “What are the factors that caused the difference between our successful and unsuccessful projects?” While every project is different, we have been able to narrow it down to the mindset of the CEO and/or the executive team in that company. The reason we can say this with confidence is that the…

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