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Are You a Horrible Boss?

As a leadership development coach I have truly seen them all: great leaders and awful leaders. And while you are probably not on par with the worst I have ever encountered, you could still be the source of your employees’ lack of motivation. One of the worst cases of “nightmare boss” I have ever encountered…

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7 Reasons Your Goals May Not Be Achievable

Business growth

Many organizations set goals and fail to reach them. Others achieve some of their goals by accident, and some could achieve a lot more. Are your goals mandatory or experimental? In my leadership development coaching projects, I’ve seen many organizations set their goals without considering the obvious reasons they may not be achievable. By addressing…

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The Source of All Your Sales Force Problems

In all the work I have done as a sales development coach, I have learned that when sales teams aren’t performing, the problem usually lies with sales management. All too often, a sales manager neglects his/her team because they “don’t want to be a babysitter.” Their personal belief systems about how people should work and…

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12 Signs of Fanatical Focus on Employees

During my many leadership coaching projects, I have noticed a few things that all growth companies have in common. One of the most impactful of these common traits is fanatical discipline about their people. Do you have it? You can say your company is fanatical about employee development if you have the following in place:…

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