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Why Strategic Change Fails

You embark down a strategic planning process, bring in a consultant and discuss the matter with your senior management team. Everyone comes to the same conclusion: your existing strategy will not work for the future. So you decide on a new strategy. It requires new core competencies, significant financial investment and possibly some leadership changes.…

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Avoid Emotional Decision Making

Too often leaders make their decisions based on emotion, and it causes them to ignore all of the facts that are put in front of them. While it is true that we often have incomplete information when making a decision and that many of the decisions we make in business have no perfect answer, it…

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Is Your Decision Based on Knowledge or Belief

In today’s IntelligenceReport on Parade.com they have a quiz to test people on whether you know what Democrats and Republicans stand for http://www.parade.com/news/intelligence-report/quiz/hey-big-spenders.html. They used some the data in the book Presimetrics, by Mike Kimel and journalist Michael E. Kanell where politicians’ claims with the decisions they made from 1952 to 2008 are compared. In…

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