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The Recruiting Mistake Made by 99% of Companies

Recruiting is an art that few have mastered. At AGI, we work with many companies to create systems for Human Capital Management—for each company a customized strategic system for managing employees through every stage of their employment, from recruiting to retention. When we evaluate a company’s employee processes, one of the first things we look…

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The Secret Ingredient

Many companies measure their success by revenues, income and other traditional accounting yardsticks. The problem is that the accounting approach measures how you did but not how you should have done. For example, take a company that grew 20% last year, and had $10 million in revenue. Its management team was weak, so it lost…

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Biggest Secret to Interviewing

There has been much written on interviewing and selecting talent. As I speak with clients, even those who use some of the best interviewing techniques, the main point is being missed. The key to finding the ideal person for each position is to define “Talent.” The people tasked with filling a position need to ask…

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