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Quotes From Successful Leaders

As business leaders, we all look to other great leaders for inspiration and guidance. As if American business is a sport, we all have our favorite marquis “players” that we follow and idolize. I like to read quotes from the most successful CEOs of our time and see what lessons I can pull from them.…

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Are You a Horrible Boss?

As a leadership development coach I have truly seen them all: great leaders and awful leaders. And while you are probably not on par with the worst I have ever encountered, you could still be the source of your employees’ lack of motivation. One of the worst cases of “nightmare boss” I have ever encountered…

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3 Things Great Leaders Never Do

Great leaders have a lot in common. I have been reading Great by Choice (Jim Collins), which discusses the personality traits common among the most successful CEOs in the country. Things like goal setting, creativity and healthy paranoia are highlighted. As a business coach and leadership trainer, I have worked with many successful CEOs. Based…

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