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7 Reasons Your Goals May Not Be Achievable

Business growth

Many organizations set goals and fail to reach them. Others achieve some of their goals by accident, and some could achieve a lot more. Are your goals mandatory or experimental? In my leadership development coaching projects, I’ve seen many organizations set their goals without considering the obvious reasons they may not be achievable. By addressing…

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The first step in successfully executing a goal is to state it properly. You know your goal is well stated when anyone who reads it knows exactly what you are trying to accomplish and in what time frame. The better a person states the goal, the easier it is to create the action plan. An…

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5 Elements To Focus

I have found that there are 5 key elements to creating focus, and failure to master them will cause one to destroy growth and profit in a business. While there are many factors essential to business growth and profitability, some have greater impact than others. The ability to focus an organization and its people should…

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