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Emotions and Motivation

Do you manage your emotions when communicating to others? Most executives acknowledge that a person’s behavior and tone have a large impact on those people around them.  Research has shown that 8% of communication you use the other 92% is body language and tone.   For the purposes of this article, when I mention body language…

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5 Ways to Create Motivation

Team and employee motivation is a constant challenge for business leaders and managers. It’s a common problem because we fail to see the truth: people cannot be motivated. When I coach management teams, I tell them that the way to motivate employees is to create work environments that breed motivation. Creating a motivational environment is…

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Experience vs. Results When Hiring and Promoting?

Many of the companies we work with and come across define their recruiting criteria incorrectly, and some do not even realize they have a problem. The typical initial problem statement is, “We need to fill a position with a qualified candidate.” Defining “qualified” is where they tend to go wrong. Some go on to say,…

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