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9 Tips for Team Motivation

Motivation develops internally from a desire to achieve goals that are important to both the individual and the company. It is the force that prompts action. If you are having trouble motivating your team to achieve your goals, you are probably failing to understand theirs. While pay, benefits and working conditions are important, research shows…

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Change Your Attitudes

Too often people search in the wrong places when trying to find out why they are not achieving their goals. They think there is something wrong with their time management program, so they buy a new one. They create long lists, and they rank things A, B and C only to find that they have…

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Have Your Goals and Achieve Them Too!

You see it every day in your daily lives and particularly at year-end, with all of the New Year resolutions and business plans. Next year you are going to do all of those things you have never done, and more. Or maybe you just want to get back to where you used to be. You…

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