Talent Acquisition Routine

There is one thing we know for sure: hiring the RIGHT people for the RIGHT positions makes all the difference. Without “A” players on your team, your results will never reach their full potential. By implementing our Talent Acquisition Routine hundreds of companies have achieved better overall business performance!

Most Common Benefits

  • Hiring success rates exceeding 90%.
  • Reduce unwanted turnover.
  • Reduce management’s time interviewing bad candidates.
  • Speed up the hiring process.
  • Enable raising the bar of performance standards.
  • Increase ramp-up time of new employees.

What Does the Process Include?

A customized hiring system typically includes the following elements:

  • Position Profile — Using our unique methodology we teach you how to identify the DNA of your ideal hire.
  • Recruitment Strategy — We help show you how to develop and evaluate your strategies to make sure you have a proper candidate pipeline.
  • Job Advertisement and Placement — We share with you our proven methodology for creation and placement of advertisements that catch the interest of your ideal candidates.
  • Assessment Screening — We provide you with guidance on the right assessment tools, where and how to use them in the process, and support you throughout the process. This includes customization of assessment tools to your needs.
  • Phone Screen — We teach proper phone screen techniques and give guidance on developing the right questions.
  • Interviewing — We train everyone on proper interviewing techniques. We also guide you on the creation of interview guides and selection criteria for each position so that you create more consistency and uniformity in recruitment.
  • On-Boarding Process — Provide guidance for developing proper 90 day on-boarding processes.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn how our Talent Acquisition Routine can help you increase your hiring success rates, or check out the testimonials page for stories from other leaders.

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