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Activate Group business coaches have tested a large selection of the many assessment tools on the market today. Through our hands-on experiences, we have created the most effective suite of employee selection tools available.Our proprietary employee selection process helps you first assess candidate potential, skill sets, talents, personality, qualities, traits and attitudes before you take the hiring process to the next step. This saves valuable amounts of time and money—yours and theirs.


All the assessment tools in our suite are available online, and priced based on projected number of hires, making ours the easiest, most affordable and more importantly, the most effective talent assessment program available.

Our suite of employee assessment tools includes:


The assessment tools offered by Innermetrix focus on the science of behavior, values and talent. Using Innermetrix assessments like the DISC values and attribute index will help you build a hiring system that will significantly increase the number of “A” performers on staff.

With the Innermetrix and DISC assessment tools, you:

  • Know that you hired the right person for the job.
  • Spend less time and money on training new employees.
  • Feel confident that you selected the right candidate for the right position.



We are big believers in the proven methods outlined in Bradford Smart’s book,TopGrading. We have seen so many companies struggle with hiring the right people, and have seen those same companies truly revolutionize their hiring process using TopGrading techniques. In fact, TopGrading has:

  • Resulted in 75%, 80% and even 90% success hiring and promoting people.
  • Been used for years by top Wall Street investors to improve their teams.
  • Educated thousands of managers at leading companies of all sizes.

Smart’s methodology can increase your hiring success and the performance of your team without increasing salaries.


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