It is not often that you hear leaders use “staffing and recruiting” and “strategy” in the same sentence. In fact, beyond the typical tactical issues with employees, it is rare for human resources issues to be considered during strategic planning meetings. Activate Group has shown a significant number of its clients that many of their business challenges were related to their strategic models for hiring employees. It may be costing your company dearly as well. For more details on this subject, read our blog article Cost of Hiring New Employees.

Routine Will Set You Free!

Staffing and recruiting is a process that has many critical steps. Incorrect handling of any of those steps can cause your business to:

Hiring the Wrong Person Can Cost You 15x Salary

Leaders that choose to work with Activate Group know the importance of finding and hiring the highest-performing talent available, avoiding what we call “miss-hires”, and not settling for candidates with lackluster qualifications. Our clients are able to achieve:

  • Faster action
  • Greater creativity
  • Cost savings
  • Getting more of the right things done with fewer people
  • Collaboration across organizational boundaries
  • Increased customer loyalty

Contact us for a free consultation to learn how our Talent Acquisition Routine and Assessment Tools can help you increase your staffing and recruiting success rates, or check out the testimonials page for stories from other leaders.

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