The Must Read Business and Entrepreneurship Book of 2017

The principles in this book lead to clear and purposeful direction, a stronger, invigorated leadership team, and maximal growth and revenue while reducing workplace drama.

  • Learn how to attract and retain the right team.
  • Learn how to attract more of the right customers.
  • Learn to make your meetings matter.
  • Build your company profitability less stressfully.
  • Learn how to take your business to the next level.
  • Learn how to work “on” your business rather than “in” it


Here’s what people are saying!

“Leaky Buckets is a must read. Shore has done a masterful job capturing where the money leaks out of all organizations. While the leaks are often real cash, Shore speaks to the business owner and not the CFO. Each chapter describes very practical actions to stop or avoid the leaks. Bravo to Shore for helping every business owner or CEO identify the Leaks in their Bucket.”
Jefffrey A. Redmon

“Making the profit that a company’s service, profit, and market position deserves is almost an abnormal act. Profit often isn’t understood or even targeted, and even the “best management teams” struggle to consistently maintain and meet their target goals. Howard Shore has a 15 point profit checklist that every business owner, CEO, COO, & CFO needs to review NOW and then plug their leaks!”
Thomas Meyer

“We have read Gazelle’s Scaling Up and have been implementing those ideas for the last year. This book takes those principles to the next level, in a much more manageable and palatable form, that are easy to use and results are seen quickly.”
Rachel Stewart

“I am consumed by my business, I rarely have the time to get any reading done, but I am so fascinated by the book that I almost cannot put it down. This is going to be the book that is going to change my life!”
Eillen Aguirre

“I have known Howard for over 15 years and he has now captured the golden nuggets of a successful executive coaching career in this book- it’s a fabulous read and full of great advice for growth companies.”
Richard Outram