Executive Coaching Programs

Miami Executive Coaching Programs

Executive coaching is a personal thing. Your executive coach will work with you to create a custom and personalized program that targets your specific needs and challenges.  Based on your purpose, budget, circumstance, and working conditions (e.g. frequent travel) we will custom-design the duration and content of our program in order to produce the outcomes you desire.  Should You hire an Executive Coach? We have found the most important ingredient of an impactful program is a consistent and regular rhythm of communication between the coach and the person being coached. Maintaining this rhythm shows commitment on the part of the client and always produces the best results.

Executive Coaching Programs range between three (3) and twelve (12) months in duration and may involve these components:

Self-Assessment Tools

By using assessment tools we can provide you with a deeper perspective on how you can become more effective.

360 Review Process

We have found this process will have the most profound impact on your ability to identify possible blind spots and to help you prioritize the changes that will have the biggest impact on your development.  We conduct confidential interviews with a representative number of peers, subordinates, superiors and team members within your organization to provide a representation of how others see your strengths and weaknesses. From this information, we will identify one or two behavioral changes that you as a leader ought to improve in order to achieve their goals. The coach will then act as your accountability partner.

Feed Forward Process

Using a process derived from Marshal Goldsmith’s book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” we help you pick one or two behaviors that you would like to change, behaviors that would make the most significant, positive difference in impacting your success.   Once those are selected, you meet with key stakeholders/advocates (peers, subordinates, superiors and/or team members) to obtain suggestions for the future that might help you achieve a positive change in your selected behavior(s). Through this process you gain actionable suggestions and engage key stakeholders/advocates in helping you improve the selected behaviors.

Coaching Sessions

On a regularly scheduled basis, your coach will help you work through your accomplishments, goals, challenges, obstacles and needs in any and all areas of your career and company to help guide you to your best self. The person being coached will set the agenda for each session using a framework provided by the coach. Topics can include: issues uncovered in the 360 and self-assessment; how to deal with pressing daily challenges; personal accountability, strategic opportunities, or personal matters that affect the client’s focus on the business.

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