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Can you pass our Company Health Check?

You work hard, you’ve invested in growth & yet you still feel like there’s opportunity to elevate your company’s performance. What’s missing? How can you amplify your game?

Below are 10 questions to help you assess the overall health of your company.

  1. Do you have a clearly written & communicated CORE PURPOSE shared by everyone?
  2. What are your CORE VALUES? How well do you reinforce them (employee hiring & development)?
  3. Can everyone on the team articulate how your business makes money?
  4. Does your whole team know your 1, 3 to 5 & 10 year targets?
  5. Who is your Core Customer & are you reaching them effectively?
  6. What 3 – 5 attributes differentiate you from your competition?
  7. Do you have the right people in the right seats?
  8. Do all team members have KPIs that are tracked weekly, quarterly & annually?
  9. Do you have a detailed written budget, do all of your team members understand its key drivers & are you monitoring it regularly (e.g. monthly or quarterly)?
  10. Do you have a ONE-PAGE-STRATEGIC-PLAN & is your team aligned around it?

Didn’t Pass? Don’t Worry There’s Help. Join Us…

Join us for a Scaling Up Workshop in Fort Lauderdale

Find out how to maximize your company’s performance. We will equip you with valuable information to effectively Scale Up your business. Bring your leadership team and experience the rewards of getting aligned.

Howard Shore, Activate Group’s Founder and President has helped hundreds of executives and teams to improve performance by finding more profits, more revenue. Howard helps ambitious and high-growth companies scale through the implementation processes that help companies develop solid strategies, make better people decisions, keep focus, strengthen the firm’s culture, and align the entire organization.



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