Strategic Planning

People and organizations do not plan to fail, but rather fail to plan. Strategy matters. The success of your enterprise depends on knowing what business you are in (or should be in), understanding your current and future sources of advantage, and capturing and maintaining your sustainable advantage. The varying growth rates and profitability of companies across all industries proves it: The difference is strategy.

When Activate Group business strategy consultants walk through your door, our strategic planning consultant will be thinking about new and innovative ways for you to compete and grow. Working in partnership with your leadership team, he or she will learn your culture, aspirations and dreams, and collect all relevant data on your company to design business strategies that will unlock new and existing sources of advantage, and support you in bringing them to life.

Formulate a Winning Business Strategy

We provide consulting to management-level decision-makers that helps improve business performance. We walk you through proven processes and programs, using strategic planning tools and principles from the best-selling books Good to Great, by Jim Collins, Inside Advantage by Robert Bloom, and others to help your leadership team learn how to:

  • Evaluate the current business strategy.
  • Spot opportunities of differentiation.
  • Explore potential new “Blue Oceans”.
  • Create sustainable advantage positions.
  • Simplify the vision of the company into a few concise words.
  • Clarify and transform core values into easy-to-remember phrases.
  • Create a “Big Hairy Audacious” goal.
  • Narrow and perfect core markets.
  • Develop brand promises using specific Brand Promise Key Performance Indicators.
  • Determine your “profit per X”.
  • Isolate a Catalytic Mechanism that makes the buying decision easier.
  • Find an “X Factor” that provides a 10x advantage over your competition.
  • Simplify your strategy into one powerful sentence.
  • Break your strategy down into 5 prioritized critical thrusts and capabilities.

Implementing Business Strategy

Along the way, you may have trouble turning your strategies into action. This is where we really excel. We help your leadership turn strategy into an actionable business plan, quarterly plan, individual executive goals, and specific key performance indications. We work within your organizational structure to create themes so that the whole organization is enrolled in your plan. The result will be:

  • Stronger culture
  • More confident leadership team
  • Easier growth
  • Accelerated profits

Plan For Performance

Balancing long-term goals and immediate financial needs means planning for performance. This can be the most difficult part of implementing a strategy. We’ve seen many companies focus so hard on creating numbers (budgeting) that will yield profits, they end up using the wrong data and the wrong numbers. To get the right number, you must first understand how the numbers will be achieved. There are many companies that go through the annual rituals of strategic planning, business planning and budgeting, and completely miss the value of these very important business processes.

We help you plan for improving business performance by asking a few simple questions and taking a few crucial steps. The companies that don’t are among the 50% that fail in the first five years. If you don’t answer with a strong yes to all of the following questions, your organization is probably under-performing in the areas of sales growth, customer service, employee satisfaction, innovation and profitability:

  • Does your management team look forward to participating in your annual planning process?
  • Does your organization regularly achieve all or most of the financial and non-financial goals set forth in your plans?
  • Does everyone in your organization know all the goals in your plans and how they will help achieve them?
  • Do the actions in your organization regularly resemble the plans?
  • Do you get regular input from all levels of your organization and use that information to develop your plans?
  • Do you know the key trends, competitors, competitor activity in your industry, and your own opportunities and threats?
  • Do you get regular input from your customers (not just complaints) and use that information to develop your plans?
  • Do you know which specific market segments to focus on?
  • Do you know what capabilities, management systems, people and other resources you must have in place now, for the future, and by when?

If you can answer a definitive ‘yes’ to all of these questions then you are set up to succeed.

If not, Contact Activate Group to learn more on how we can provide strategic consulting to your management and help you improve business performance.