Is morale in your company dismal? Are your employees unengaged with their daily responsibilities? If your team is not humming along like a well-oiled machine it may be because you have not instilled a compelling value system in your organization. Without a company value system, the discipline and motivation in your workplace are missing.

Company culture is a very real and very tangible factor in the success of your organization, affecting all levels of the company from individual to the entire team. So often, leadership ignores the element of culture to focus on hard numbers, and the result is a disaffected workforce filled with unhappy employees who just don’t know how to be successful. There is no emotional tie to the company and no rhythm for their daily work life to keep them engaged.

Our business culture consulting focuses on implementing the highly impactful methods detailed in Verne Harnish’s Scaling Up. The principles in this remarkable book help to create a value system in your organization that set you up for success on a daily, quarterly, annual and permanent basis.

Build you culture by asking:

  • What values do you want to see in your people?
  • What behaviors?
  • What is the accountability process in your departments and overall organization?
  • What are the goals of your organization?

Then take the answers to those questions and build a different type of organization by:

  • Creating systems and processes focused an established value system
  • Bringing out the best in every employee
  • Defining goals for the organization
  • Developing discipline within the workforce
  • Training the entire organization on the system, processes and disciplines
  • Identifying the right people with the right attributes to hire

In the many businesses and leadership teams with whom we have consulted, we have seen more success stories emerge by using the Rockefeller Habits than any other workplace philosophy.

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