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Are You an Assertive Communicator? – Why This Leadership Style Matters

Assertive Communication is an important leadership style and skill to have.

This article is a continuation from “Improve Decision Making by Using the Right Communication Style” where I identified the 4 ways leaders communicate when the conversations get difficult or uncomfortable. This article will help you identify whether you are an assertive communicator and help you understand why that matters! Why Assertive Communication Matters? If you are…

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Improve Decision Making By Using the Right Communication Style

How communication style affects decision making in business organizations.

Business Communication and Decision Making Are you frustrated by the ineffectiveness of many of your business meetings? Do you find that your team cannot seem to make a final decision on seemingly basic business questions? Do the same issues continue to resurface? Does there not appear to be real commitment to the decisions that do…

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How Do You Measure The Success of A Meeting?

How do you know whether or not your meeting was successful? Do you measure the success of a meeting by the fact that it started or ended on time or by the fact that you completed its agenda? Many times you can cover your agenda and fulfill the time constraints and yet accomplish nothing. Often…

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What are the Meeting Participation Pitfalls?

How well are your meetings functioning? Through this series of articles I have been highlighting the many factors that must be considered for your meetings to go well. While conducting your meeting there are several meeting participation pitfalls that your meeting facilitator should help you avoid. Are You Potentially Seeing Your Role in the Wrong…

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Who Should Be Included In Your Meetings?

How do you decide who should participate in a particular meeting? Just because someone has a specific title or is part of a work group does not entitle or require that person to be in your meeting. The relevant considerations include: contribution, developmental factors, and productivity. What Can The Person Contribute? The most important factor…

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Are These 9 Factors Compromising Your Meetings?

In the previous article, we stated that one of the biggest hindrances in business success is the poorly run meeting. Here, we identify 9 factors that can be detrimental to your meetings. Do You Have Enough Constructive Conflict in Your Meetings? When everyone participates you arrive at better decisions, have stronger commitment, and get better…

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