Category: Decision Making

Do Your Team Members Trust You?

Do you believe your entire team trusts you? How do you know? If you could increase their trust level would it increase performance? If you pay attention, you will notice that you expect everyone to trust you all the time while you give only varying degrees of trust to everyone else. Interestingly, your team operates…

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Fire Ready Aim

Entrepreneurs have to drop their “fire, ready, aim” decision style and surround themselves with people who are not quick to make decisions without getting all the information they need.

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Profit from Employee Ideas

Offering employees a say in the decisions that affect them is one of the best tools for engaging their hearts, minds and souls so they are motivated to give their all – and to make better choices as a company. However, many business leaders have let employee engagement fall by the wayside while trying to navigate the post-recession economy – and inadvertently made it harder to achieve the results they want.

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