Business Management Coaching

The right business management coaching program can turn a disorganized and unengaged team into a profit-driven powerhouse of efficiency and measurement. We use a carefully selected collection of tools and methodologies to create custom coaching programs for executive, sales and management teams. The Four Decisions TM refers to the critical decisions that growth companies must get right to maximize their revenue, profit and time, according to Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2.0 Scaling Up by Verne HarnishYour business coach from Activate Group is certified to take you through tools and processes to help your master concepts that are proven to help you scale your business.

As a leader, setting up your employees for success is your No. 1 duty! A focused and goal-oriented coaching program can do just that. AGI uses a number of tested and proven organization, assessment and management systems to create the perfect coaching “formula” for your team.

Scaling Up

More than 20,000 CEOs and their executive teams have used the methodology outlined in Scaling Up. We have found these principles and techniques—in whole or in parts—to be highly successful for many teams.

Many of our executive business coaching programs use the “4, 3, 2 1” methodology of the Rockefeller Habits:

  • The Four Decisions—People, Strategy, Execution and Cash—are tools that can be used to improve your business immediately.
  • Focus on three key habits of successful teams: Rhythm, Data and Priorities.
  • Two elements—People and Processes—should be redefined so that you have “the right people doing the right things.”
  • Create a One-Page Strategic Plan for your company that can be followed at all levels of the organization.

We use these habits and other programs to help establish a value system within the company that sets everyone up for success.

Through a business management coaching process of meetings, workshops and exercises delivered over time, your business coach will educate the team on implementing the right systems, accountability and measurement to reach maximum productivity and job satisfaction in the organization. Contact us today for more information on our business team coaching program, or visit our testimonials page to hear from our clients how the Rockefeller Habits have changed their organizations.